Who can go on a mission trip?
Anyone can go on a trip provided they meet the level requirements for the particular place in which they have an interest. Not all trips are the same. Some require a greater degree of prerequisite experience, maturity and knowledge.

What do the levels mean?
The levels set a standard based on the difficulty, location and demands of the trip. Here’s how it is broken down:

Level 1: A great place to start serving with an Engage Team. No previous experience needed.
Level 2: Must be in 8th grade and above for this level trip. Some previous experience is preferred.
Level 3: Must be college age for this level of trip. Some previous experience is required.
Level 4: Considerable experience required and must interview with a Missions Team member.

What is required to go on a mission trip?
Successful completion of a missions application, attendance at all training times and full financial support raised by the specified date for each trip.

Do I have to be a member or attender of SCC?
No. We welcome those who attend other churches and those who don’t have a church home to participate in Engage campaigns provided they meet the general requirements to go on a trip as stated.

How else can I engage in God’s mission for the world if I can’t go on a trip?
You can partner in prayer. No missions endeavor can happen or be what it should without seeking God and hearing from him. You can also partner financially. There is no greater financial investment than in humanity and the furthering of God’s kingdom on earth. Your resources can go farther and help more than you could ever dream or imagine.