YMI in Africa

AIU_Admin_Team copy

Randy Smith (pictured above in the back row, far right) President of Youth Ministry International and SCC global missions partner, just returned from Kenya, Africa and he recapped his exciting visit:

The trip (to Kenya) was more successful and yielded more results than I could have imagined. The primary purpose was to present a YMI sponsored M.A. in Youth Ministry into the degree program of the African International University (AIU), a quality Christian University in Nairobi, Kenya.

I met with a large administrative staff led by Dr. Samuel Katia, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. The meeting lasted 2 hours and yielded a unanimous decision to go forward with the M.A. program. A faculty committee was formed and a chair person was appointed with the goal of making a formal presentation to the University Senate by December to have the degree program approved and then submitted to the Kenya Department of Higher Education for final approval.

If all goes well, the first classes could be offered as early as August 2014. The M.A. will be a 72 credit hour program, 42 of which will be YMI’s youth courses taught by YMI adjunct professors over a period of 3 years. This will be the first M.A. in Youth Ministry in all of Eastern and Western Africa. Opportunities in Africa are expanding quickly for YMI’s formal training program!


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